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Sentinel pictures for mugs

I've uploaded a selection of my most popular Sentinel pictures for mugs and t-shirts to my photobucket account.

You can check it out here:


If you'd like an image on a mug or t-shirt, email me through LJ or write me at AprilValen@aol.com. Give me the name of the image from the album.

Some of the images are better for shirts -- the bigger collages wouldn't show up as well on the mugs because they would be smaller. If you click on the picture in the album, you'll be taken to a larger view of it and I also have made comments about which would be better for shirts or mousepads or totes.

Mousepads are $10. I have several different styles of totes and sizes, so I guess they'll be the next thing I need to post here. Most are $15.

T-shirts come in sizes Small through XXXL (triple extra large) and are $20 each, plus postage.

A regular 11 oz. mug, such as in my previous post showing fluterbev's GM pic, is $10 for a single image. If you wish a second on the "back" of the mug, add $3.

Some of the longer images will "wrap around" a mug and would cost $13.

Email me your address so I can let you know the amount of postage to add. I'm at AprilValen@aol.com or Marthasmugs@aol.com.

I take paypal for payments. Or personal checks, too.

Mugs are dishwasher safe. T-shirts are generously sized, will not shrink and the images are permanently imprinted, not with "iron on" type transfers, but the image is dyed into the shirt fabric. Shirts are white. Email me for information if you're intersted in different colors for shirts as this is a different process.

Feel free to comment here with any questions or comments! I will fill orders right away and get them in the mail immediately for most things, unless I happen to run out of a particular shirt size and have to order blanks from my distributor.


Martha, I bought a mug from you at SHarecon - it was David Soul - three images on one mug - no mustache. It was FAB and GREAT and I brouvght it home and packed it in a box with other things and shipped it off to my friend Nancy - and the package got there without the mug. Can you believe it? I lost the receipt from the PO so couldn't claim on it. I had taped and retaped the box so she couldn't really tell if it'd been opened or what, but I'm SURE I put it in the box becuase it weighted the package to one side.

At any rate, telling you the story of woe - I need to have you make another and ship it to her if you could do it like, really fast. I had a keychain (again, David, no mustache) and put it in the mug so I'm so PISSED both are gone.

Anyway, what would it cost me to have you do that for me?
Oh, no! I've had them get broken but never dissappear! I will be glad to re-do them for you. Send me the address via my LJ email and I'll get back to you about the price.
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I'm sorry, but I do not understand that language. Could you please post in English?

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