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A mug for every fan...

I am so excited to be able to talk to other fans on live journal! I've been creating mugs for fellow fans for eight years now and things just get more amazing all the time. New products, new fandoms, new styles... there's really no way to keep up without a forum like this.

I'm looking forward to MediaWest -- which will take place at the end of May in Lansing, Michigan. (I've heard rumors about people having picnics that weekend, I think they call it Memorial Day... picnics with family members...) I spend my Memorial Days at Media, however, visiting with friends, and making mugs and shirts and other stuff.

I'm gearing up now, finding new pictures, creating new designs and having a great time planning new mugs to make. Looking forward too, to seeing so many old friends at the con!


If I bring jpg artwork on a zip drive and the actual T-shirts, can I have t-shirts made at the con? I've been trying to do the grow-your-own with Staples iron-ons and "not working" is a mild way of phrasing it.
I'm not sure I can find my zip drive reader -- or do you mean one of those portable usb drives? Also, I have shirts that I do my transfers on. I use special ink for my transfers that melds with the fabric of the shirts rather than the "iron on" type of transfers. This doesn't work on regular cotton shirts. I make shirts at the conf or folks all the time and there's no need for them to bring their own shirts. If you have something special in the way of the shirts you're using, it would have to have a different type of transfer. I can bring some of those if that's what you really want though. What's "grow your own"?
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July 2010

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