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Jul. 18th, 2010

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post to keep this comm

Just a quick post so that the comm isn't deleted by LJ for being inactive.

Feb. 20th, 2009

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Farpoint best sellers!

Here is a selection of the mugs, shirts and other items that I brought out for Farpoint.


There are two Supernatural bookmarks which are on metal and about 5 inches in length. Cost: $3 each.

All other pics are available on 11 oz. mugs: $10 (Double sided -- one pic on each side: $13)

15 oz. mugs: $15 (Double sided -- one pic on each side: $17)

T-shirts: white, sizes Small through 3XL: $20

Tote bags: $20

Mousepads: $10

Prices do not include postage -- write to Martha or comment here for postage to your address. Items are sent insured as well.

Nov. 8th, 2008

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Sentinel pictures for mugs

I've uploaded a selection of my most popular Sentinel pictures for mugs and t-shirts to my photobucket account.

You can check it out here:


If you'd like an image on a mug or t-shirt, email me through LJ or write me at AprilValen@aol.com. Give me the name of the image from the album.

Some of the images are better for shirts -- the bigger collages wouldn't show up as well on the mugs because they would be smaller. If you click on the picture in the album, you'll be taken to a larger view of it and I also have made comments about which would be better for shirts or mousepads or totes.

Mousepads are $10. I have several different styles of totes and sizes, so I guess they'll be the next thing I need to post here. Most are $15.

T-shirts come in sizes Small through XXXL (triple extra large) and are $20 each, plus postage.

A regular 11 oz. mug, such as in my previous post showing fluterbev's GM pic, is $10 for a single image. If you wish a second on the "back" of the mug, add $3.

Some of the longer images will "wrap around" a mug and would cost $13.

Email me your address so I can let you know the amount of postage to add. I'm at AprilValen@aol.com or Marthasmugs@aol.com.

I take paypal for payments. Or personal checks, too.

Mugs are dishwasher safe. T-shirts are generously sized, will not shrink and the images are permanently imprinted, not with "iron on" type transfers, but the image is dyed into the shirt fabric. Shirts are white. Email me for information if you're intersted in different colors for shirts as this is a different process.

Feel free to comment here with any questions or comments! I will fill orders right away and get them in the mail immediately for most things, unless I happen to run out of a particular shirt size and have to order blanks from my distributor.

Oct. 27th, 2008

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GM is mugged!

fluterbev took some cute pics of GM at the GMOH con in England. Here's one of her pictures that I put on a mug for her.

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Oct. 25th, 2008

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Mugs with pictures of GM in England!

Hi all,

I just spent a wonderful afternoon chatting with fellow Sentinel fen from around the globe and heard a lot of great stories about GMOH -- Garett Maggart Over Here, the con he just visited. A lot of folks got some great pictures of him and fellow fans there.

If you would like to order mugs or shirts with your personal pics or any TS pics, just contact me here. Or you can email me a photo via AprilValen@aol.com.

11 oz mugs are just $10 plus postage. If you want writing on the back, say "GMOH, October, 2008" or something like that, it would be $2 more. For a second photo on the mug, it would be $3 more. I can also do polymer mugs, a nice hard plastic that ships well for the same pricing.

Let me know your address via email and I can let you know the shipping charges.

I have tons of pics from The Sentinel and can do t-shirts and mugs as well as other items such as key chains.

I'll post soon with more details on those items.
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May. 16th, 2008

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I'll be at MediaWest in the dealer's room as usual this year. I will have many pre-made mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, buttons, dog tags and more from which to choose. And as always, I will be happy to make any custom items you'd like. I have an extensive collection of pics from different fandoms and I can also use images you bring me on CD or usb drives etc.

I will my usual white Hanes shirts that use my special dye-sublimation transfers -- these are the ones that actually dye the fabric of the shirt so that the "feel" of the shirt isn't changed where the picture is; it breathes and is totally comfortable and the picture will last for the life of the shirt with no cracking or peeling like regular transfers.

I'll also have colored shirts in cotton or 50-50 cotton polyester for those who prefer colored shirts with a variety of different types of transfers to use on them. I carry all sizes too from small to 3XL.

If you want something on a shirt or other item custom made, I'll take the order in the dealer's room and make the item in my hotel room that evening. You will be able to pick the item up the next day or that evening in my room.

I have many different styles of mugs -- regular 11 ounce coffe mugs, 15 ounce ones, travel mugs, frosted steins and big fancy steins too.

Stop by my table and pick something fun to show off your fandom or take a gift home for someone. I can even do "non-fannish" items like baby pics, dogs or anything you like.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at the con!

Mar. 14th, 2008


A mug for every fan...

I am so excited to be able to talk to other fans on live journal! I've been creating mugs for fellow fans for eight years now and things just get more amazing all the time. New products, new fandoms, new styles... there's really no way to keep up without a forum like this.

I'm looking forward to MediaWest -- which will take place at the end of May in Lansing, Michigan. (I've heard rumors about people having picnics that weekend, I think they call it Memorial Day... picnics with family members...) I spend my Memorial Days at Media, however, visiting with friends, and making mugs and shirts and other stuff.

I'm gearing up now, finding new pictures, creating new designs and having a great time planning new mugs to make. Looking forward too, to seeing so many old friends at the con!
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Welcome to Martha's Mugs!

I thought it was about time I started a community on Live Journal for Martha's Mugs. As MediaWest approaches, LJers can request mugs, shirts and other imprintables to be delivered there. I can make any item you want with your fandom on it. Get fannish gifts -- drink coffee from a mug with your favorite character on it.

I'll be posting details on how to order, what you can order and prices soon.